Census Data for Texas

Sadaf Haq, Candidate for Frisco City Council Seat 6, Family Business Owner, City Leader and JOT Member, leads numerous committees and boards in Frisco. Importantly, she Chairs the Census Committee for Frisco and commented that we are unfortunately behind some of our neighboring cities. As a response to June 23rd's Action of the Day - Get Counted, she has surfaced the latest census collection rate below.

As of this morning, Collin County led in reporting with 67.3%, Denton with 64.6% and Dallas County with 57.1%. Drilling further down to cities, statistics show Allen with 74.3%, Plano with 67.9%, McKinney with 68.4%, Frisco with 66.5%, Little Elm with 65.8%, Prosper with 64.3%, and Dallas with 53%. It would be interesting to know if Allen was doing something different with their collection efforts and/or how they are able to get nearly 3/4 of their population to report.

We know we have work to do in our counties and cities. The US Census Bureau has provided us some guidance. Take a look at these engaging ideas to increase participation.