There is a wealth of information, resources and deserving charitable organizations dedicated to Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. At JOT, we want to create a launching point for you to connect to all of the important work being tirelessly done. If you have 10 minutes, we can direct you to an Action of the Day that will make actual progress in Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.


Strategic Initiatives


Education is a space to reflect and to learn how to appreciate and celebrate cultural identity. We are shifting the narrative from representation to engagement in schools, libraries, museums and gathering spaces of all kinds because we know that tolerance is not enough - only equity can reflect and sustain the purpose of diversity.

Image by Hannah Busing

policy reform

Policy reform must accompany systemic solutions. In business, governance, criminal justice, and other areas where systemic problems exist for Black Americans, JOT uses its multicultural voice to build new concepts of what modern racial equity must look like. As, cultural innovators we work to rectify systemic inequities.

Image by Markus Winkler

economic growth

Statistically, Black American wealth and access to economic opportunities is unacceptably low. JOT serves to stand in this gap for Black Americans and all people of color. We are partnering with businesses, government and non-profits to create opportunities and access where limitations still exist.

Image by Taylor Grote

public health

Public Health is a critical focus for any community. We want to ensure that we understand the health issues underrepresented groups face and work with local experts in the medical and behavioral fields to address together. This pillar moves towards diversity, equity and inclusion in support of people of color and with appreciation to our local providers dedicated to this cause.

Image by Clay Banks